• Open Models

    We use the industry standard Matlab Simulink for modelling complex systems that are the core of real time simulators. The open architecture allows inclusion of third party models to be incorporated into the simulator.

  • Multiple "players"

    Our simulation engine enables multiple observer points, or “players”, to be present in the same virtual world at any time. Each observer can be related to, or control different components in this virtual world, e.g., cars, trucks, trains, trams and people, enabling. complex interactions.

  • Innovative Co Development

    Oktal Sydac have a collaborative and inclusive approach to R&D, where the outcome of the project is not known at the start. Our quick development cycle, plus the modularity of the simulator, provides the architecture in which changes can be readily made as the project progresses. Our engineers have many years’ experience in simulation techniques and technologies and bring this experience to R&D projects.

  • Multifactor simulation

    Oktal Sydac’s simulations are not one-dimensional. Each simulation can include many different factors, all managed and synchronised across a network of computers. This type of architecture enables us to experiment and look at complex interactions between different simulations or hardware in the loop entities.